African Continent - second largest continent of the world

A continent with 54 countries


Africa is the second largest continent after Asia in terms of both land area and population. It covers about 30.3 million Square kilometer which is 20% of the total land area of the earth. It has about 16% of world's total population and most of the population are youngest amongst the continents. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and Isthmus of Suez. Africa is known for it's biodiversity because it is the home for a large number of megafauna species. It has world's largest river known as the Nile river. It has long and complex history of civilization.

Details about the continent


Africa is considered to be the oldest inhabitant territory on earth for human species. 

Fact about African Continent

  • Population: 1287920000  (
  • Land Area: 30370000 sqr km
  • Hghest point: Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzanian 
  • Lowest Point: Lake Assal, Djibouti 
  • Largest Lake: Lake Victoria, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya
  • Largest River: The Nile River 
  • Largest Country: Algeria by land, Nigeria by population 
  • Smallest Country: Seychelles 

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History of Africa


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Our Africa Facts for Kids provide 20 interesting and fun facts on the African continent. Africa map icon - Kids World Travel Guide Africa Africa is second largest continent in size and the second largest continent in population. The African continent is located mainly in the Eastern Hemisphere and to the major part in the Northern Hemisphere. Did you know that Africa is bigger than the USA, Canada and India together? Africa covers an area larger than 30 million square kilometres/ 11.7 million square miles!