African countries and their official name, short name

African countries in alphabetic order

Africa, the second-largest continent, is famous for its diverse wildlife, cultures, and landscapes. With 54 countries, it boasts lush rainforests, vast savannas, and towering mountains.

Algeria is the largest country in Africa which is located in North Africa. It covers area of 2.38 million square kilometer and home to Sahara desert and many other tourists attractions. Seychelles comprising 115 islands and located in Indian Ocean, is the smallest country in African. Seychelles is renowned for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush tropical forests.

Africa is situated in the Eastern Hemisphere, straddling the equator and extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Indian Ocean in the east. Its location provides it with a diverse range of climates, landscapes, and ecosystems.

Africa is separated from other continents by oceans and seas. The Mediterranean Sea serves as a boundary between Africa and Europe. The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden separate Africa from the Arabian Peninsula and Asia. To the south, the Southern Ocean marks the continent's boundary, while the Atlantic Ocean lies to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east.

Africa is incredibly diverse, with over 2,000 languages spoken and a wide range of traditions, religions, and customs practiced across its 54 countries. African is renowed for its ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Kush, and Axum that developed African history and cultural heritage. The River Nile holds immense historical significance in Africa, shaping the development of civilizations and cultures along its banks for thousands of years.

List of African Countries

SL Name Flag Short Name Official Name View
1 Algeria DZ The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria View
2 Angola AO The Republic of Angola View
3 Benin BJ The Republic of Benin View
4 Botswana BW The Republic of Botswana View
5 Burkina BF Burkina Faso View
6 Burundi BI The Republic of Burundi View
7 Cameroon CM The Republic of Cameroon View
8 Cape Verde CV Republic of Cabo Verde View
9 Central African Republic CF The Central African Republic View
10 Chad TD The Republic of Chad View
11 Comoros KM The Union of the Comoros View
12 Congo CG The Republic of the Congo View
13 Congo, Democratic Republic of CD The Democratic Republic of the Congo View
14 Djibouti DJ The Republic of Djibouti View
15 Egypt EG The Arab Republic of Egypt View
16 Equatorial Guinea GQ The Republic of Equatorial Guinea View
17 Eritrea ER The State of Eritrea View
18 Eswatini (fmr. "Swaziland") SZ The Kingdom of Eswatini View
19 Ethiopia ET The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia View
20 Gabon GA The Gabonese Republic View
21 Gambia GM The Republic of the Gambia View
22 Ghana GH The Republic of Ghana View
23 Guinea GN The Republic of Guinea View
24 Guinea-Bissau GW The Republic of Guinea-Bissau View
25 Ivory Coast CI The Republic of Côte d'Ivoire View
26 Kenya KE The Republic of Kenya View
27 Lesotho LS The Kingdom of Lesotho View
28 Liberia LR The Republic of Liberia View
29 Libya LY State of Libya View
30 Madagascar MG The Republic of Madagascar View
31 Malawi MW The Republic of Malawi View
32 Mali ML The Republic of Mali View
33 Mauritania MR The Islamic Republic of Mauritania View
34 Mauritius MU The Republic of Mauritius View
35 Morocco MA The Kingdom of Morocco View
36 Mozambique MZ The Republic of Mozambique View
37 Namibia NA The Republic of Namibia View
38 Niger NE The Republic of the Niger View
39 Nigeria NG The Federal Republic of Nigeria View
40 Rwanda RW The Republic of Rwanda View
41 Sao Tome and Principe ST The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe View
42 Senegal SN The Republic of Senegal View
43 Seychelles SC The Republic of Seychelles View
44 Sierra Leone SL The Republic of Sierra Leone View
45 Somalia SO The Federal Republic of Somalia View
46 South Africa ZA The Republic of South Africa View
47 South Sudan SS The Republic of South Sudan View
48 Sudan SD The Republic of the Sudan View
49 Tanzania TZ The United Republic of Tanzania View
50 Togo TG The Togolese Republic View
51 Tunisia TN The Republic of Tunisia View
52 Uganda UG The Republic of Uganda View
53 Zambia ZM The Republic of Zambia View
54 Zimbabwe ZW The Republic of Zimbabwe View

Last updated on: 4/2/2024