Asian countries and their official name, short name

Asian countries in alphabetic order

Asia is the biggest and most crowded continent on Earth. It has 47 different countries and over 4.6 billion people living there. This area is full of different cultures, landscapes, and histories. Asia stretches from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south, and from the Pacific Ocean in the east to the Mediterranean Sea in the west. Natural features like the Ural Mountains and River separate Asia from Europe, while the Red Sea and Indian Ocean separate it from Africa.

In Asia, you'll find lots of different ethnic groups, languages, religions, and traditions. From ancient civilizations like China, India, and Mesopotamia to modern cities, Asia has a long history and rich culture.

Asia is important for global trade and new ideas. Big countries like China, Japan, and India drive a lot of the world's economy. But Asia isn't just about business - it's also a place where important political events happen.

Asia's huge size and variety make it special. It has all kinds of climates, landscapes, and wildlife, from icy mountains to steamy jungles. The tallest mountain in Asia and the world is Mount Everest, found in the Himalayas between Nepal and China.

Russia is the biggest country in Asia, spreading over two continents, Asia and Europe. The smallest country in Asia is the Maldives, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean known for its beautiful beaches and colorful sea life.

List of Asian Countreis

SL Name Flag Short Name Official Name View
1 Afghanistan AF The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan View
2 Bahrain BH The Kingdom of Bahrain View
3 Bangladesh BD The People's Republic of Bangladesh View
4 Bhutan BT The Kingdom of Bhutan View
5 Brunei BN Brunei Darussalam View
6 Cambodia KH The Kingdom of Cambodia View
7 China CN The People's Republic of China View
8 Cyprus CY The Republic of Cyprus View
9 East Timor TL The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste View
10 India IN The Republic of India View
11 Indonesia ID The Republic of Indonesia View
12 Iran IR The Islamic Republic of Iran View
13 Iraq IQ The Republic of Iraq View
14 Israel IL The State of Israel View
15 Japan JP Japan View
16 Jordan JO The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan View
17 Kazakhstan KZ The Republic of Kazakhstan View
18 Kuwait KW The State of Kuwait View
19 Kyrgyzstan KG The Kyrgyz Republic View
20 Laos LA The Lao People's Democratic Republic View
21 Lebanon LB The Lebanese Republic View
22 Malaysia MY Malaysia View
23 Maldives MV The Republic of Maldives View
24 Mongolia MN Mongolia View
25 Myanmar MM The Republic of the Union of Myanmar View
26 Nepal NP The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal View
27 North Korea KP The Democratic People's Republic of Korea View
28 Oman OM The Sultanate of Oman View
29 Pakistan PK The Islamic Republic of Pakistan View
30 Philippines PH The Republic of the Philippines View
31 Qatar QA The State of Qatar View
32 Russia RU The Russian Federation View
33 Saudi Arabia SA The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia View
34 Singapore SG The Republic of Singapore View
35 South Korea KR The Republic of Korea View
36 Sri Lanka LK The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka View
37 Syria SY The Syrian Arab Republic View
38 Tajikistan TJ The Republic of Tajikistan View
39 Thailand TH The Kingdom of Thailand View
40 Turkey TR The Republic of Turkey View
41 Turkmenistan TM Turkmenistan View
42 United Arab Emirates AE The United Arab Emirates View
43 Uzbekistan UZ The Republic of Uzbekistan View
44 Vietnam VN The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam View
45 Yemen YE The Republic of Yemen View

Last updated on: 4/2/2024