What is a continent

The world has two major surfaces: land and water.

Land area is further divided into 7 larger parts known as the Continent and the water surface is divided into 5 oceans

A continent is one of the several large land masses usually consisting of multiple countries. There is no specific definition of continent. The most agreed definition is

continents are understood to be large, continuous, discrete masses of land, ideally separated by expanses of water.

The seven continents of the world are

  • Arfica
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Oceania/Australia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Antarctica

What is a Continent

Number of continent models

The seven continents model is not the primary continent model. There were other models also though currently seven continent model is mostly followed. Continent models are:

Four continent model: Afro-Eurasia, Americas, Antarctica, Australia

Five continent model: Africa, Eurasia, Americas, Antarctica, Australia

Six continent model: Africa, Europe, Asia, Americas, Antarctica, Australia

Seven continent model: Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia

  • Seven continent model is taught in most english speaking countries.
  • Six continent model is taught in eastern europe, russia, japan

Area and Population of Continents

The following table provides areas for each continent in accordance with the seven-continent model and populations of continents according to the UN Statistics Division estimates, that includes all of Russia as part of Europe, but all of Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey as part of Asia.

List of continents by size(largest to smallest)

1 Asia44579000
2 Africa30370000
3 North America24709000
4 South America17840000
5 Antarctica14000000
6 Europe10180000
7 Oceania /Australia8600000

List of continents by Population(highest to lowest)

1 Asia4545133000
2 Africa1287920000
3 Europe742648000
4 North America587615000
5 South America428240000
6 Oceania /Australia41261000
7 Antarctica4490

Highest and Lowest Points of the continents

Tables below contains the list of highest peaks and lowest points by continents

Highest points by continents

Highest PointContinentHeight(Meter)Country/Territory
Mount EverestAsia8,848Nepal , India, China
AconcaguaSouth America6,960Argentina
DenaliNorth America6,198United States
Mount KilimanjaroAfrica5,895Tanzania
Mount ElbrusEurope5,642Russia
Vinson MassifAntarctica4,892N/A
Puncak JayaAustralia4,884Papua, Indonesia

Lowest points by continents

Lowest PointContinentHeight(Meter)Country/Territory
Dead SeaAsia−427Israel, Jordan, Palestine
Lake AssalAfrica-155Djibouti
Laguna del CarbónSouth America−105Argentina
Death ValleyNorth America-86United States
Deep LakeAntarctica-50None
Caspian SeaEurope-28Russia
Lake EyreAustralia-15Papua, Indonesia

Number of countries in a continent

Each continent consists of multiple countries except Antarctica.

Other Divisions of Continents


Supercontinents are landmasses that comprise more than one craton or continental core. Over time, supercontinents broke into large land masses which formed the present continents.


Certain parts of continents are recognized as subcontinents, especially the large peninsulas separated from the main continental landmass by geographical features. Example of subcontinents are: Indian Subcontinent, Arabian Peninsula etc


Asia houses some of the richest nations in the world. The tiny country Qatar on the Arabian peninsula is on of the richest nations in the world due to its income from oil exploration and the petroleum industry. Saudi-Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are also among richest countries in the world due to their oil reserves.

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