Australian countries and their official name, short name

Australian countries in alphabetic order

The Australian continent, also called Australasia or Oceania, is a special place in the southern part of Earth. It's the smallest continent in terms of land and the second smallest in terms of people.

Australia is both the biggest and only country in Australia. It's a huge place, about 7.7 million square kilometers big. The smallest country is Tuvalu, which is only 26 square kilometers.

Besides Australia, there are many islands and territories in the area, like New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji. Australia is famous for its amazing places like the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru (Ayers Rock), and the Australian Outback.

The Australian continent is surrounded by water everywhere. It doesn't touch any other continent. The Indian Ocean, Tasman Sea, and Pacific Ocean make natural borders for Australia, making it special and separate. This separation helped create unique plants, animals, and cultures here.

Because of its big deserts, rough landscapes, and different environments, Australia is the driest continent. It's famous for its natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru (Ayers Rock), and the Australian Outback.

List of Australian Countries

SL Name Flag Short Name Official Name View
1 Australia AU Australia View
2 Fiji FJ The Republic of Fiji View
3 Kiribati KI The Republic of Kiribati View
4 Marshall Islands MH The Republic of the Marshall Islands View
5 Micronesia FM The Federated States of Micronesia View
6 Nauru NR The Republic of Nauru View
7 New Zealand NZ New Zealand View
8 Palau PW The Republic of Palau View
9 Papua New Guinea PG Independent State of Papua New Guinea View
10 Samoa WS The Independent State of Samoa View
11 Solomon Islands SB Solomon Islands View
12 Tonga TO The Kingdom of Tonga View
13 Tuvalu TV Tuvalu View
14 Vanuatu VU The Republic of Vanuatu View

Last updated on: 4/2/2024