South American countries and their official name, short name

South American countries in alphabetic order

South America is the fourth biggest continent, covering about 17.84 million square kilometers. It has 12 separate countries, like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela. More than 430 million people live here, making it the fifth most crowded continent.

Brazil is the largest country, taking up about 47% of the land. Suriname is the smallest country, found on the northeast coast.

South America is cut off from other continents by natural stuff like oceans, seas, and big mountains. The Pacific Ocean is on the west side, and the Atlantic Ocean is on the east side. The Caribbean Sea and the Panama Canal are in between North America. The Drake Passage separates South America from Antarctica.

The Andes are the biggest mountain range here, stretching all the way down the west side. It's one of the longest in the world, over 7,000 kilometers long. The Amazon River flows through Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and some other places. It's the biggest river in the world by how much water flows through it. The Amazon Rainforest, the biggest tropical rainforest on the planet, is found around it.

South America has a lot of history from the Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs, as well as from when Europeans came over and the time of slavery.

List of South American Countries

SL Name Flag Short Name Official Name View
1 Argentina AR The Argentine Republic View
2 Bolivia BO The Plurinational State of Bolivia View
3 Brazil BR The Federative Republic of Brazil View
4 Chile CL The Republic of Chile View
5 Colombia CO The Republic of Colombia View
6 Ecuador EC The Republic of Ecuador View
7 Guyana GY The Co-operative Republic of Guyana View
8 Paraguay PY The Republic of Paraguay View
9 Peru PE The Republic of Peru View
10 Suriname SR The Republic of Suriname View
11 Uruguay UY The Eastern Republic of Uruguay View
12 Venezuela VE The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela View

Last updated on: 4/2/2024